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The First Lesson

During the first lesson I will assess the level of the student, this is done through the use of games and play so that the student doesn't feel pressure or anxious.  Later we discuss the next steps and what to focus on during the following lessons. 

I get to know the child and their interests during this lesson and use this information to customize their future lessons.


I am trained in phonics and use the Letters and Sounds early reading and writing program. This program is the first stage of a child's reading and writing for English.

For older children I follow the Oxford International Curriculum and Collins Primary. I feel that this combination works the best as if follows an International curriculum but also is differentiated for individual ability. 

My Teaching Method

I understand that one of the keys to learning is for it to be engaging and enjoyable. The majority of my lessons are taught through 

activities and games, enabling the child to learn in a positive and active way. This method allows the student to concentrate for short bursts and then apply their learning in a practical and fun way. The student not only gains knowledge but also self-confidence to use it. 

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